2007 Holiday Bowl Parade

The crowd favorite - Doggies!

I came in extra early today so that I could watch the Holiday Bowl Parade. They call it the "Big Balloon Parade" in the official program guide but since it has the two teams that play in the Holiday Bowl (ASU -v- Texas) and since it takes place the same day as the Holiday Bowl then that's what it is! :)

Underdog Balloon at Holiday Bowl Parade 2007

Heather's grandparents, and cousins showed up and found me real quick with my camera!

"Never fear...Underdog is here..." I saw underdog! How many of you remember him?

Crowds lining up to see the Holiday Bowl Parade 2007One of the interesting parts was when the Texas Longhorn Band passed by and the Arizona State Devils started chanting, "ASU, ASU, ASU!!!" A guy from the Texas band, the last row guy, stuck his hand behind his back and gave the ASU fans the finger. The girls next to me asked, "Did you get that!!?!!?"

Overall, a good parade. Nice weather.


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