Christmas Eve

I talked to Heather and she still needed to go with Grandma to get my present. She confirmed that it was still what I wanted - yup. I know for sure it's getting wrapped. :) I picked her up from Grandma's house after she called; not texted!

We went to Chili's (it was chilly in there) and had our usual meal, talked and I got to tease her about stuff. Back at the house, we watched the Charger game a little, played with our new toys, took pictures, walked around the neighborhood looking at lights until someone got cold, and plain just goofed off.

I dropped Heather off at her aunt's for their get together and I headed back because I had to start my missions on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Luckily I was playing late because I got a call from Heather, "Daddy, can we use your locksmith expertise?" I asked for details and said, "Sure. I'll be right there."

One thing about having people watch while you try to open a lock is that you have this extra little pressure. I knew I could open it and so did Heather, but how long is too long before they say, "uh never mind. Where's the sledge hammer?" I opened it, and I got a hug and some homemade cookies for saving someones butt since there was no key.


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