Blind Drive-Thru Service

I was out and about and decided to use the drive-thru at a major establishment. As I got up to the pay window after ordering, I noticed this sticker:

"Braille and Picture Menus Available - Thank You."

I'd like to get statistics on how many blind people use the drive-thru, maneuver the little turns to pass the order window and then make it to the pay window, stop right in front and then ask, "May I have a braille menu please?"

Now, on to the picture menu. I think the only people that would need a picture menu would be those that can't read...But, the order display has a photo of practically all the burgers and sides. So, would they not order and drive up and read the little sticker and say, "I need a picture menu?"

Have you seen something like this?


Kendra said...

i've seen things like that before too although i can't think of any examples right now. that one definitely is strange though!

Sam said...

When you see one...send it in! :) Hope you and your hubby have a Happy New Year!

Mary Anne said...

ive seen them at the drive thru ATM machines. if blind people are driving, our lives are all in danger.

Sam said...

Just a little! I wonder what they were thinking. Happy New Year, Mary Anne