Little Italy

Little Italy San Diego Sign

Resti took our little group (7) with him. Nobody wanted the front seat so I took it. We drove to Little Italy and ended up at Filippi's Pizza Grotto. I'm so glad that we got there early because the place soon got packed.

All the orders were ready and all we had to do was just confirm our drinks. In total there were about 16 or so of us so it wasn't that huge of group. I received my lasagna and my eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach. I didn't attempt to finish it all, and everyone was guessing that naps were going to be in order this afternoon for all of us!

We decided to take a picture and one of the guys wanted to be in the pix. Everyone was afraid to ask a stranger, so I did: "Excuse me, sir...Would you help us out by taking a picture? We'd greatly appreciate it!" We gave him the camera and he snapped it. I clapped for him and the rest joined in.

When I got back, one of the ladies gave me a gift bag of truffles. Dessert!

Do you ever ask strangers to take a photo of your group?

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