Heather's Party

Heather's Cake

We finally got to celebrate Heather's party today! At first, Heather wanted to have a paintball warfest, but something tells me that 200 paintballs going at 300 fps was gonna be leaving some marks! :)

Instead, the party was at "Atlantis Lazer Tag." It was in the same building that Heather had gone to as a toddler, the little ball pits, obstacle courses and such.

This is the first year that there were more boys invited to the party, a big change where there was only one boy! Unfortunately, not everyone that was invited could go. But, that's always the case.

Daughter and Father

We played the first game, and then took a pizza break, then played the second game. This time it was the adults versus the kids. We won! I couldn't tell who had more fun, the kids or the adults! Cake and gift time, and then use up all the remaining tokens on games, air hockey, DDR, and skeeball, etc..

After everything finished, we saw the the rules for the lazer tag and all the different "abilities" you can get...Dang: Rapid Fire, invulnerability, mega bomb, etc...Uh I think we needed that before! Definitely would have been more fun.

Happy Birthday, Heather!

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Arlene said...

Awwww, happy birthday heather!!