Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you all enjoyed or are enjoying this festive day. Thanks for the presents, too :) I usually don't ask for anything so, many of you get frustrated when it's gift giving time with regards to me.

I got some more online entertainment and can join the rest of the Battlefield Warriors, and while playing I will wear my "Man Slippers" (Most suprised!!!) that I have been wanting since last year but was told that they were seasonal. Cookies, chocolates, and all the other edibles will hit the spot after I wait to respawn :)

I'm a simple guy so I'm happy getting my watch band replaced. The band had finally frayed and split. Still one of my favorite watches. Nothing fancy just a dependable timepiece.

Going to put flowers on my Mom and Dad's gravesite today, to let them know that they are still in my mind, then going over to have dinner with some friends. Yummy.

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