Double Donation of Blood

I received my regular call for my double blood donation, the Apheresis procedure by the Blood Bank. I was just wondering how that would affect my 515 and then I got my call. I set up the appointment and the lady thanked me for helping out.

I always get asked why I have been doing this for so long. Good question. I know that there is a need for blood. Somebody out there needs it, a car crash victim, a surgery patient, or any other type of emergency. It's a cool thing to know that all I have to do is endure a jab in the arm (I have small veins so it takes a couple of tries sometimes) with a needle and squeeze a little smushi thing for 45 minutes and someone benefits a whole lot!

Within days, that blood may be running through the veins of someone thousands of miles away or a person just down the block and you will never know.

As long as I'm able to do so, I'll donate blood...

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