Ouch that hurt!

Another 515 moment! I turned my ankle wrong when I ran around the corner near the top of my "mile of uphill pain." Luckily I allowed my leg to roll so that it wouldn't twist. But this is the question: What is the most painful physical experience you can remember?

Mine was when during the month of December 1977. It was the Christmas dance and I arrived early to hang out with my friends. So what do a bunch of guys waiting do while waiting for the dance to start? We decided use the huge steel bike rack as a teeter totter. About three of four guys on each side and I stood in the middle to determine which side went higher.

They started going back and forth and just then I got tapped on the shoulder and look over for a second, and slightly moved my foot. Huge mistake! My right big toe got got smushed by all the weight of the bike rack and all the guys on it. It hurt soooo bad and I yelled for them to get the thing off of me.

Blood was pooling in my black converse and had soaked through the top. I didn't want to take my shoe off but an adult took it off for me. Into the office to have it looked at. I told them that it didn't' hurt much so that I could stay for the dance. The nurse cleaned my toe and wrapped it up. I just ended up yanking the nail off since it was bugging me and half my foot turned blue and purple -nice.

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