New Record 63 Minutes

I have a route that I do, it's 5.15 miles, or just my 515. Since I thought that it was going to rain today, I didn't plan on running, I looked outside for a second and decided that I would attempt to beat my 70 minute time before my friend came over to watch the Charger -v- Chief game.

I ran from my door to almost the top of the mile of pain, I was dissappointed that I didnt make it to the top but that's for another day. I recovered and continued, and ran most of the flat parts. At the half way point I realized that I had a significant lead and that I had it at that point. But I wanted to make sure so I ran other legs(19 legs available) of the route. By the time that I got back to my doorstep, I stopped my watch at 63 minutes - woohoo. Seven minutes shaved off the time. Walk right into the shower...ahhh. btw, I would really like to be able to do this route in less than 60!

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