China Camp

I picked up three of my friends at their work so that we could go to China Camp on Pacific Highway. All six of us had fun catching up on what we were doing lately, and during our conversations I was asked to give an RFQ - "Request for Quote" for a project that the government would like me to program. So, I'm pretty excited about that part, Hawaii states that they would be willing to pay half. I wouldn't mind going back there for my fourth time, all work of course. Oh, back to our little get together.

We all noticed some peculiar behaviour by our waitress. First, she completely forgot to take someone's order. I said, "excuse me, he still hasn't ordered." So, everyone except Larry gets their food and the waitress forgot about him again. Then, to top it off he couldn't get any refills. But when we finally took our group picture, we asked, "Did you get Larry in the picture or did you leave him out!?" laugh, chuckle, grin, even from her.

I have to remember to get those chocolates out of the car before they melt!

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