The Signing Party

Mariah had a party and everyone was invited. It's a signing party where you officially accept the scholarship. In this case, Oklahoma State pretty far but maybe we'll find a way to go see here play. I got there and there were a lot of people there already. I gave Ria a monster hug and she showed me her broken pointing finger. Only three weeks and it's off. Good thing that vball season is over.

It was pretty cool. I was wondering how long before the tears began to flow and it happened real quick. She thanked everyone for their involvement and making it all possible. It was cute. Nope, I didn't take the camera; those duties were proudly taken on by Lil Ms. Heather and she snapped a gazillion photos with a little point n shoot.

Her best friends were there, BV (high school and softball) people, and family. We stayed until everyone had left. Next party - Heather's!

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