A Hot Day in San Diego

Seems today was rather busy. Got my laundry done early and headed out for the harbor. Couldn't be late for my lunch outing. As I arrived and looked for parking I saw a bazillion pigeons in the lot. I expected that they would move and scatter but there was a "slow" one in the crowd and he became a casualty. As I rounded the lot, I saw a little kid move the bird so that it wouldn't get squished further. :(

My friend bought a deluxe crab sandwich, soda and chips for me just because. Find out that we both missed each other's b-day so we are gonna head out for dinner this weekend to celebrate. Stayed there for about an hour and half. Ran into some other friends and got teased as usual but I dished some back.

I decided to take a new route home and ended up stuck in an apartment complex. Some tight turns and back on the freeway. I saw a woman give another driver the finger because the driver wouldn't speed up/down enough to get on the freeway. Appears the slow lane woman was talking on her cell.

Dropped off a check at Dawn's house and then headed home. Just as I got all settled in my daughter texts me that the Mariah's Volleyball CIF game (play-offs) is tonight. I ask when, and she responds now. I find it interesting that she'll text men when she can just call. I ended up calling her and asking for the details. I headed over and watched them practice.

My daughter does the drills with the high school team and IMHO is very good. Troy (Mariah's dad) says she's a stud. I notice that she shows good control and has mentioned that she wants to be the setter and make the Varsity team as a freshmen. I still remember teaching Heather how to play sand volleyball and how much time I spent trying to get her to just pass the ball straight. I don't take credit for her ability. She has that internal desire to excel in everything she does (My daughter in whom I am well pleased) Oops...the volleyball match. I noticed the poster board collage of REAL PHOTOS that Heather made for Mariah. Guess all the seniors (3) had one.

The Bonita Vista Barons won the first two games over Rancho Buena Vista Longhorms in a HOT gym. They kept the doors closed and as spectators we wondered what the girls had to endure; I'd find out later.
BV just need to win one more game and they finally win a first round CIF game in Mariah's stint. RBV didn't want to roll over yet and won the next two games. Tie-breaker goes to 15 and BV won!

Mariah started to cry since that's all she wanted - a first round win. I gave her a hug to congratulate her on both her win and full scholarship in softball to Oklahoma State. I'm proud of her. I've watched her grow up and saw/see how much effort she exerts to get what she wants. Kissed my daughter good bye for the night and head to get a bite to eat.

Bought a drink at Subway and ate at Alazan's(sp) very good carne asada burritos not the biggest but really good. Headed home and cleaned up some. Watched saved DVR stuff. Trillian is being a PITB. It took me a long time to delete inactive accounts (some since 1997); longer than it should.

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