Good Beating

I hadn't been to the gym (LA Fitness) in awhile and I knew that I'd be a little rusty when I stepped on the court. I wasn't wrong let me tell ya. My opponent Angel kicked my booty 11-5, 11-5. Beaten by an Angel - lol. I was given the ball to serve for the third game but politely said, "Thanks for the games." I promptly proceeded to the empty basketball courts and shot about 50 baskets. I only made four in and close doesn't count. A guy was watching me miss all my shot and smiled. Made the last shot and then called it a day on that. I said, "Next time I'll make FIVE :)"

Met a lady named Susan and we talked on the bench while I was waiting for another court to open. I ended up going to the cycle for an hour and she saw me up there and waved a couple of times. As I left she asked if I was going to be here tomorrow. I told her it depended on how my legs felt.

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