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Rumsfield resigns (booted) as a result of all the mounting pressure from all sides.

I'm in the process of writing an online payment system for my daughters softball league. It appears as though we need a seller's permit. We won't be collecting tax since we are a non-profit organization. Mark will check into it.

Went to the opening of Barnes and Noble in the Otay Ranch shopping mall. I really liked the store. I went with the intention of going through the whole bookstore, but didn't get to finish because I had to head for the monthly board meeting.

The president bought yokozuma's to feed the board members before the meeting. We discussed some new rules for the upcoming year, planning for registration and other topics to get ready for the new season. We ran over the time limit by 10 minutes. Talked with Naomi, Armando, John T, and Donna after the meeting.

Got the gloves on and cleaned the guest bathroom and bedroom. Dang trash and recycle day tomorrow. The bins are full. Yawn...Good Night.

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