The wishlist

My daughter is going to be 12!!! I can't believe how time flies. I blinked a couple of times and she grew up on me. Well, since it's her birthday soon, she came out with a monster wishlist. Definitely plenty of options and I noticed that she wants a camera. Between all the family and Christmas, I'm pretty sure she'll get one.

She's been taking pictures since she was tiny. I would show her how to use my cameras and she would pretend that she was a TV reporter and "document" everything with the little movie making ability of the camera - Canon G2. I know, ancient 2002 model but it did the job and still does. Sometimes you can't take a DSLR with you and not look like a dork, lol.

So...I'm looking at one of those Canon point and shoot with a nice big display on the back (almost all of it) It will sure beat my first camera - a Kodak 110 that I got for sixth grade camp! I still have it for nostalgia.

What kind of camera do you want to get?

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