Empty Gas TankI was a little low on gas today so I pull into the Costco (2.639 per gallon) and after waiting a bazillion years, finally get a spot. I slide my AMEX card which is also my Costco card into the slot and I promptly get - "CREDIT CARD DECLINED!" Uh, what? It instantly triggers a memory where I played a prank on someone making them come to the front desk because their card was declined and the hotel needed another form of payment.

This wasn't a joke though. It was like someone was paying me back :) I cancelled the transaction, re-inserted the card and then paid with my VISA debit card instead. I later called the credit card company and straightened everything out; seems like auto payments don't always auto pay!
BTW, I hate the "Please say 'Cancel a card, Dispute a Charge, or Make a payment.'" prompts. I bypassed all that by saying, "CUSTOMER SERVICE"

You ever have your credit card declined?


Irene said...

I usually just hit zero over and over again and then scream "CUSTOMER SERVICE DAMMIT" into the phone. The prompts don't bug me, it's the voice reconginition ones that are so freakin' irritating!

Sam said...

heheh...That's what I meant. I can just imagine the response from the machine being back: "You want to cuss at our service? Please say, 'Yes', or 'No.'"