Roller Coaster

No Trespassing Yes, I live that close to the Knott's Berry Water Park. Right over that fence is a sand volleyball court that nobody seems to be using. But the grounds crew smoothed out the sand, and got rid of all the weeds.

This just happens to be on the route that I take when I run during the day. Hmmm, I wonder if that water slide is working :)

I spoke with a couple of friends today around noon, and felt kind of bummed at the things going on, then I received an unexpected call from someone that wanted some info. It was weird how I could go from one mood to another within 30 minutes.

I went to home depot and bought a sprinkler head, since it's broken again. I think my neighbor shattered the top with his mower since he cuts his grass to putting green height. So, right now if I turn on the sprinklers, I have an old faithful right in my very own yard.
un-timed, Day 9

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