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Sam Sliced Up Nothing terribly original here except that I wanted something different in my little project. The inspiration for this came when in the third grade a girl came up to me and ripped up a class photo of me and threw it at me while I was playing basketball during recess. I picked it up and put it in my pocket and it is now my flickr icon.

I took the photo and randomly cut out the pieces, I adjusted the layers slightly by doing a stroke, and shadow. Some of the pieces have a bevel either in or out then finally placed them on the original. I flattened the image and saved for the web.

Let me know when you guys get tired of this because this little project is actually harder than it seems, and I'm not too sure I can keep this up for another 350+ days. :)

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Lynn said...

That looks really cool but I wouldn't have the patience to do something like this.