Making it Right

We were supposed to go out and have some pizza and hang out at a local place, but ended up in eating next door. We sat at the bar, and ordered a medium half of mushroom, and half of pepperoni. The girl messed up and gave us a large, and all pepperoni.

I was curious as to how she was going to make it right, and she had that look on her face as though she didn't know what to do. I'd just charge for the medium - problem solved. But, she waited until a manager was there. We got the pizza for medium price, our drinks free, and we got a personal size mushroom pizza. One better, huh? We talked to the lady and she was glad we didn't chew her head off. I just smiled and asked for a re-fill. No alcohol since we both drove.

Barry Bonds' 756th HomerA second later, Bonds hit his 756th homer. I was most interested in the fight for the ball. Did you see the guy in the orange jacket crawl over the people trying to get the ball? The trivia question for baseball: Who pitched the homer? Washington’s Mike Bacsik.

Of course, I figured the guy would have an escort but didn't know they would send 6 police officers! That guy is set. I bet he will be on one of the morning shows tomorrow. I was surprised that they stopped the game for a ceremony, though. I figured they would do something after the game.

We stayed for about two and half hours then headed out. 'till next time.

Did you see the record breaker?


Anonymous said...

no.. not the actual hit.. just his news conference afterwards...cnn? maybe.

MB said...

I missed it by about 15 minutes...and how bummed was I??? Is he juiced??? That's the question of the century!!!!