Nice Day for a Walk

Three of us decided to walk down to Hazelwood on the bay for lunch since it was a really nice day. I got my sandwich, potato salad and drink paid for me, and I was told that I had to take them to Ruth Chris Steak House on Sept 14th, which is across the street from Anthony's.

USS MidwayUh...did I get the short-end of the stick, here?

A new Commanding Officer takes over the base tomorrow and since the pier is all goobered up, they are doing the ceremonies on the USS Midway. Funny thing is that when I was kid, I spent some of my good-grade money on a model of this aircraft carrier, and then sailed it in a lake. I waited until it got to the center and then sank it with my Crossman 760. It shot pellets, bb's and darts.

Twin CondosI've been working down in this area on and off since I was 17, and the Train Stationskyline has changed. It would be nice to just live in one of those condos and just walk to work.

None of these were here when I first started as a kid, except for that train station.

The police have given plenty of jaywalking tickets on this street.


Arlene said...

I've only been on base there once, and it was a humbling experience for me...
Very pretty skyline!

Mary Anne said...

oh i miss this place.