Heather Wants Pizza Hut

Pizza HutI picked up my daughter at her mom's house today so that we could eat some pizza at her favorite pizza place and then catch a movie before volleyball practice at the High School. She's going into the eighth grade so I'm sure she'll be ready by the time she gets into High School. Time is going to be the issue at the moment because she's made it on a softball travel ball team. I didn't want to say anything unless she made it. :)

Seems like Heather ate too many cinnamon sticks and didn't have room for that much pizza. Somehow I knew that was going to happen. More pizza for me, right?

I try to teach Heather something when I spend time with her to prepare her for those life situations that come up. Today, I told Heather that she shouldn't make decisions when she's upset. Just remember that, okay. It will come in handy one day. She laughed and repeated what I said so that I knew she was listening. She goes with the flow and every now and then will bring up something that I've taught her, told me how it has applied. Makes me feel good that she actually listened.


lynn said...

My dad never did that. All he ever asked was how was school, day, and where are you going. your daughter is lucky but I don't think she will realize this until she grows up.

deafknee said...

thats really good. avoiding any decision making when upset. many adults can stand to learn from this.