Puppy For Sale

Hey Buddy, You wanna buy a puppy? I saw two little boys holding up signs that read: "Puppys for Sale." Then I saw this guy standing there with the puppy in his arm. So, would you buy a puppy from a guy standing on a corner?

The puppy was hot and the guy was trying to show him to people as they drove by and smoke at the same time. There was another puppy in the basket, but a car was in the way so I didn't get the picture.

I went to the store to return something, and if you're a regular reader then you know what it was. The only problem was that it had a 15 day return, and today was the 16th day.

I got into the return line and looked over the people that would be handling the returns...Hmmm, how about Bob, the guy with the frown and looking like he hates his life. Or, maybe Tom over there, that looks like today is his first day on returns and he is gonna look for that low return rate. But over there, Susan is still smiling at 3:00 p.m.

Susan looks over at me and says, "I can help the next customer!" She examines every last detail and the product is perfect no blemishes, nada. But, she notices the 16 day. She looks at me and then talks to her supervisor, then a second later, its complete. Whew...

The USB Pole DancerI look around the place and look what I found while going through the book section! Yes, it's what you think it is...I was looking for someone to take a photo of me holding it with that "Look what I just got for Christmas grin! :)"

I think the buyer for this store had some fun and said, "what the heck!"

El Patio was good. Wanna go with me sometime?

Would you buy this gift (Candi the Pole Dancer) for someone?


Arlene said...

I would totally buy that for a couple of my computer nerd friends!!!!
I would NOT get a puppy from a guy like that, unless I was just looking to get the poor puppy away from him!
What were you returning darnit??

Sam said...

1920x1080i HD Video Camera

MB said...

Yes, I would totally buy that pole dancer for a co-worker of mine who wants to learn how....for exercise of course. :)