Squiggly Lights

Blue Laser LightMy friend came over to do the route with me. I took the camera because I wanted to get a scenic downtown San Diego from the top of the hill but it was a little hazy. I ended up getting some squigglies while we were walking. I think this one looks like fiber optic cable...

Sam's InitialsI used the street light and the moon to draw my initials on the image. 2.5 seconds to draw the letters. Since I framed up the light and the moon, it only took me to do one letter to get my initials. :)

For the life of me, I couldn't get her initials. It just wasn't happening.

Random Lights

Nothing fancy here, just moving the camera around for 3.5 seconds. I wonder how many people out there actually see this when they are driving home?

You like my long exposure art?