My Drive Home

Heather was heading out to Oklahoma City to watch Mariah play in the 18U Gold Nationals today, so I checked out after she was ready at 11:45 a.m., the last to go. Heather packed my car with all my stuff, and all the stuff she wasn't taking to OK. I gave her a hug, kissed her and told her I loved her no matter what! I stayed about 10 minutes longer to update the website, and wrap things up.

Even though I knew the cleaning staff would be cleaning the room, I emptied all the trash cans into a trash bag, cleaned up and made the beds.

I was expecting the invoice to be put under the door, but I had to get it at the front desk. The lady told me that she'd miss me, and told me to drive safe. I filled my tank, and I was off.

Car RolloverTwo out of the three times that I have driven Nationals there is some sort of accident that I help out with or witness. In 2005 it was a family of 4 that rolled over in the middle of the night, and nobody would stop for them. I gave them water, a blanket and called for help. The helicopter came and blocked the highway. This year, this car fully packed rolled over scattering stuff everywhere.

LA Rush Hour I didn't have to stay this time! :) Of course, you ask if everyone is ok, if they need water, or anything. I just happened to have the breakfast bags from the hotel just in case! I don't know if my friends believe me about this but I thought I'd take a pic :) This time, I'm not saying anything, so I don't get the "uh huh...again." I took this photo of RUSH HOUR at 5:30 p.m in Los Angeles. Like the freeway was clear for me to go home! Uh, yea right.

I stopped at Lolita's, and I was short by a significant amount but the lady smiled and let me get what I really wanted, and told me not to worry about it. I had ordered, and forgotten that I had used my $50 for gas because the credit machine was busted.

The Alarm company called the police and I was surprised at the quick response. They asked me for my ID and checked out my house, did their report and left. That's another thing that happens when I go to Nationals.

I'm all softball'd out and I'm glad to be home!!!

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