End of Season

I received an e-mail earlier asking for help cleaning the snack bar and putting everything into storage. I responded that I'd help. What a sucker, huh?

On the way, I noticed an armada of construction vehicles near my house. It seems that you can't stop the inevitable. New apartments are going up nearby. I took this photo because it reminded me how as a kid I tried to stop them from tearing down my house (The Beyer Trolley Station sits there now) but to no avail. The best I could do was to let the air out of the tires. :)

We cleaned and took out everything except the frig, soda machine, and the steel table. Everything else was moved into storage. Three people responded in addition to the snack bar coordinators, but one left early.

It took us almost three hours to get it all done. I didn't feel well, but stayed till the end. After that we congratulated each other for getting it all done. I gave the ladies a hug and kiss, and said we would see each other soon.

I invited a friend to dinner and told them it was my treat. It was a cheap date since all they wanted was Starbucks. We talked until I finished then parted ways.

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