Canon Announces New Cameras

Canon 40D
Canon announces the 40D ($1300 USD) with full specs, also the 1Ds Mark III ($8000 USD). The 40D is an ACTUAL UPGRADE! Now includes the "liveview," 6.5 fps, 10+ megapixels and is the scaled down version of the 1D Mark III. ($3,500 USD), and the G9 ($500). I still use my G2.

The 1Ds Mark III, the flagship model with 21+ megapixels! I WILL try each of these new cameras out soon.

As you see can probably see it's now Canon 1Ds Mark IIIthe 1Ds Mark III, then 5D (Full Frame)...then 1D Mark III, 40D, and Rebel Series, in the separate line-ups. Anyone of these will get the shot you want, it's which one will do the task within your available budget. Let the drooling begin.

Don't you hate that as soon as you get a camera, then an upgrade is just released?


Evil Penguin said...

hahah that's Murphy's Law at work in the technology sector. Anyway I'm having more dating/guy-related issues again...they just seem to follow me everywhere I go. I think its time I avoided men. *sigh*

Mary Anne said...

Why do you have to tease me with this post?

Sam said...

OH!!! You have a Canon, don't you?! muahahaha.

Mary Anne said...

Yeah, I do. Haha. I love Canon.

MB said...

Yes - I hate that. That's how it is with anything...especially cell phones...well electronics in general. Cell phones, computers, laptops, cars, etc. Very frustrating.