Sushi Anyone

Sam Driving to Lunch We were supposed to go to Harry's (Sushi Deli Too) for lunch and my friend says, "I forgot my purse. Can you treat me to lunch?" No problem. Since we only have thirty minutes, I drop her off in front and park the car. On my way to the restaurant, I run into one of the team moms at the door. We gave each other a hug and she told me to call her husband to get him out of the house. Pretty funny. Perfect timing as I get inside and sit down and our food is ready :)

Got my follow-up call that everything was going ok, still set for the same date. Later, I got asked to do a website (not maintain) for a church - Something simple. I said that I'd do it. As I'm driving us back, a team mom calls, and I got the eyeroll treatment from my passenger. Lucky she's not my gf. Tonight's run was pretty blah, especially having to fight with my sock.
Un-timed, Day 10

Ya like sushi?


Mary Anne said...

I'm giving you the eyeroll treatment right now.

deafknee said...

OMG I LOVEEEE SUSHIIII mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

Lynn said...

no sushi, but I like my steak rare.