Busy Saturday

How Sam Pancakes How Sam eats PancakesHow Sam eats Pancakes

Dropped off Heather's softball stuff at her house for her tryout, then I headed over to get some pancakes. People think that I have an unusual way of eating them. I start by making a little hole in the center down to the bottom and filling it with warm syrup. I eat outwards until I reach the edges, or eat them all.

Went to go see a movie, and the person that selected it is soooo banned from picking another for a long time. I'm embarrassed to admit what movie it was, it was super bad...I mean really bad! :)

Had to mow, edge the lawn, and Cortez just happened to be doing a house inspection right across from my house. He comes over and we chat a bit - softball no doubt. I cleaned out the garage, and finally washed my car. As I was doing this the real estate lady from across the street came over and started talking to me. Maybe 10 minutes pass, then she gives me her card. The neighbor laughed at me since the lady said "bye" about 5 times.

This time I put less of the tire stuff on so that my rims wouldn't get all "dusty." Went to a party but left early because I just wasn't feeling social. That's it!

Do you think I eat my pancakes weird?


Anonymous said...

Hey Sam, you like asking weird questions too! You should create a meme LOL! and hmmmm yeah... that is KINDA a weird way to eat pancakes.... hmmm

Lynn said...

I have never seen anyone eat hotcakes like that before.

Sam said...