FREE Lunch

I'm not offering a free lunch!  Tuesday the lunch truck lady calls me on my cell:

E: I'm not going to be there since my truck broke down on the freeway.  Can you do me a favor and let everyone know?
S: Sure!  I'll make a little sign for you and post it at the exit.
E: I appreciate that.  I'll be back tomorrow with your nachos!
S: Good.  I was about to ask you that.  :)

Esther just gave me my lunch for free and that she really appreciated me helping out. :)


ira said...

its been a while eh?!!!!
how're ya?

Sam said...

heheh...Yea, it's been awhile. But I'm back! I'm doing good :) thanks for asking. Get ready for some more Sam-isms

deafknee said...

ooh! you finally posted!

deafknee said...

disappeared again!