Chess With Friends

Scholar's Mate
Heather kept telling me about her sister playing, Words with Friends, and how much she liked it.  I looked up Chess with Friends and bingo!  

At this point it's really Chess with Strangers.  I play about 10 games at a time.  Not because I think I'm good but because that way there is always a move going on and I don't have to wait for days (after a week or so, they automatically resign if they don't move) for a piece to get moved.

After a month now, I play a few regular people and we seem to have gone the same route...WWF and then to CWF.   I'm pretty evenly matched with them - "Take a lesson or give a lesson!"

One thing that I don't like is that you can't pre-select a player level.  This often leads to playing absolute beginners.  Ezekiel asked me what the shortest checkmate was: Fool's Mate but that Scholar's Mate comes in a close second.  The opportunity came around and I showed him exactly what it looked like.  

I'm an average chess player, so if  you'd like to play a game, my nickname is: DaShoe.

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