First Volleyball Tournament of the Season

I was up at 4:00 a.m. and ready to go up north to Costa Mesa for Heather's first travel volleyball tournament in the Gold Division.  The parents get the girls to a meeting location and then head up as a team to the venues...Sleep, talk, or just zone out?  Four of us went to watch Heather play.

Heather is in Royal Blue
Girls on Volleyball Court
The girls did very well in my opinion and it was much more interesting to watch than high school volleyball.  Heather is a Libero so it was really cool when she heard "pipe," and got a back row attack - she killed it!  :)

Jess asked that I text updates from the matches as she does when her kids are playing.  Seems like between us we got all the sports covered.

Of course I also "watched" the NFL Conference Championships with a little help of my iPhone.  The Cardinals got a scare after leading by a huge margin then putting it away late in the game.

So,  if you remember from reading my blog what happens after a softball tournament on the way home, then you'll know she slept all the way home from the volleyball tournament also!  :)

Overall, the girls won 4 out of 6 sets in three matches.  Good way to start!

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Ruth said...

Congrats to your girls! Hope they will continue to do well.

Yes, our new President does have a big smile, doesn't he! Thanks for stopping by synchronizing.