For the last five years, on and off, I've seen Dave standing at my off-ramp.  During a red light he walks down the row of cars carrying his sign, "Everybody needs a hand sometime.  God bless you."  Sometimes people give him money and he seems appreciative.  When the light turns green he heads back to the intersection with a pronounced limp.

I've always wondered what he does with his money.  Is he buying some booze, kicking back under the bridge?  Or is he going around the corner and counting his take for the day? It's rumored that some panhandlers make $400 a day.  But who knows.

Do you give money to panhandlers?


Anonymous said...

in a word...nope!

deafknee said...

hey you been posting again!

Sam said...

j: Geez....Why not?

d: I got picked on enough for not. It won't be everyday, but whenever I feel like it :)