Fender Bender

Totaled Car I usually go down to the little mini-mart in our building in the morning to get munchies. Today my friend was late and as I was about to head down, out popped my friend out of the elevator. She told me that she got into an accident. What? Nothing serious but a broken tail light. I waited for her while she put her stuff away. I asked if she got pictures, or a signed statement that that was the only thing wrong. She said, "Oh no, he was really friendly."

As we walked down I said, "don't be surprised if he starts wearing a neck brace and that broken light turns into a couple of thousand dollars, wants his car painted and ..." She laughed at me...but not for long. She got faxed a quote for $1,500. He wants the fender replaced, tail light, oh, and the car painted since there are now some scratches :) btw, that's not the accident picture in case you're wondering.

Just wait a couple more days and his neck will start to get sore. Then I got smacked in the arm then get asked, "Oh...can I borrow $2.00?"

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