Volleyball in Oceanside

Heather's team had four matches up in Oceanside, Ca. today. I managed to shoot one game of softball down at Discovery Park and I headed to Heather's volleyball matches.

By the time I got there the $5.00 parking guy was gone but finding a spot was still pretty hard. Luckily, I found a spot after someone left to go get lunch. Heather did well and the team had fun even though they didn't do that well overall. During the downtime, Heather took over my camera and the girls laughed at all the pictures that I had taken since everyone has funny expressions when they're playing.

Another side note was that the indoor bathrooms were for the women, and the men had to go outside and use the portable toilets out in the parking lot. Gee thanks.


Anonymous said...

that's right....cuz women rule...you guys go outside and use some trees.... LOL

Sam said...

Yea...It was pretty nasty outside, too. :(