Lunch Plans

Her: What's the lunch plan? Esther's?
Me: Dunno. You have something in mind?
Her: Anything.
Me: Okay, how about Anthony's?
Her: Nah, I had fish yesterday.
Me: Uh...The little deli.
Her: I'm not in the mood for a sandwich.
Me: Brickyard?
Her: We just had that Friday.
Me: Harry's?
Her: That would take too long.
Me: Chineese? What do you want?
Her: I told you! Anything except Chineese.
Me: Okay where do they sell this "Anything," so we can get moving. Otherwise, I'm going to Esther's.
Her: Geez! Touchy today aren't you?
Me: :)


Anonymous said...

ha ha reminds me of a typical conversation between hubby and me...oh well...what you guys have to do to put up with our "anything"!

Sam said...

We could use up half our lunch break just trying to decide where to go!