Leap Year

Leap YearIt's the 29th of February. Anyone have their birthday on this day? If so, do they only count years that they can celebrate as their age?

I heard that there is an old English tradition that states that on the 29th of February a woman can propose to a man. If he refuses then he has to pay up! That could be anything from an item of clothing or something of her choosing.

Ladies! Would you take advantage of this tradition if your man was taking too long to pop the question?


Arlene said...

Hey sunshine, why no posting?
This isn't like you...
And I'd celebrate my birthday every damn year, and knowing me, twice on leap years :-D
As for the marriage thing, I can totally see me proposing if I thought it was taking too long, but he had better do it right afterwards, or I'd feel really let down!

Terry said...

Hey sam.
This is a great blog with some interesting posts too.
As an Englishman can I say that, yes women do get the chance to propose to men on February 29th.
It's an old tradition that goes back many years but I've not heard the bit about having to 'pay up' if he turns her down.

Sam said...

I guess this is a good day for guys to "hide." :)