Single Signal

Dick Clark on American Bandstand Have you ever had a word that messes you up? For me it used to be the word single and signal. At one point I was in a school movie and I played the 'Asian Dick Clark.' Our version of "American Bandstand" You could of guessed it was some sort of parody, right?

In the particular scene, I was supposed to say, "Let's give it up for Buddy Holly and his new hit single." I jumped into camera view with my cheesy little microphone and kept substituting signal instead of single. Luckily, I was doing this with all my friends, and at first we couldn't stop laughing. But after several takes, we all got frustrated and by the time I did get it right, my picnic red checkered jacket was on crooked. Nice! We ran out of film and exhausted our budget so it was a wrap.

We played it for the class and somehow the speed was wrong, and that combined with the crooked jacket, messed up chipmunk sound; people thought we did it on purpose. It was a hit, a Charlie Chaplin type wannabe movie. We got an "A."

Have you ever thought you messed something up bad, but things ended up better than you thought?

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