Softball Opening Day

Today was opening day for the softball league that I volunteer for and we had a surprise guest - "The San Diego Chicken." Not very many of the girls knew who he was but a lot of the parents did!

It had just rained the previous couple of days so our field crew was up early getting the fields ready to play. They did a great job.

I was there the whole day and the kids are the ones that are the most excited to see me because they know that I will be taking their action shots (if there is some) and posting it on the website.

Heather was supposed to help me photograph the T-Ballers but she went to Arizona to watch her sister during the long weekend. I called her during the 7:00 p.m. game and asked for a little update. I told her that she'd get photo credit if she helped me. :)

Some people asked about "the hat," but I couldn't find it. Regardless, I didn't get sunburned this year. Two and half more months before all-stars...

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