Childhood Games

There are games we play when we're children that we remember for our entire lives.  We buy them for our families when we get older if we don't have the original any longer.  Just seeing the childhood game can bring back memories and feelings that were going on at the time.  Sometimes even feelings or scents.

The other day we were walking downtown and came across a store with some novelty items.  All of us went into different areas of the store but a yellow box caught my eye and there it was...The game I was taught in 5th grade.  I remembered handing out the sheets and trying to decide who would call out the cards, if it was okay to say the card in English, etc...  I took a photo of the box and a salesperson instantly said, "No photographing the merchandise.  I apologized and continued browsing with a little grin on my face.

What games bring back instant memories for you?  Are they good memories or bad?

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