Jeb Corliss - Wingsuit Flyer

Have you ever wondered what feels like to fly?  Well, with a wingsuit and a death wish or an infusion of risk taking genes, you can!  I watched a special on HBO's Real Sports that had a segment on Jeb Corliss.  Jeb talks about how you can travel 3 feet forward for every 1 foot you fall.  Nice huh?  You become one giant human flying squirrel.  If you go to Jeb's site you'll see some cool videos of him "flying" around.  I think it's more like controlled gliding but regardless it looks like a boatload of fun.  All of the footage seems to be shot with GoPRO cameras - pretty cool.

I was asked, "If given the opportunity to try the suit would you do it?"  "uh...NO!  If Jeb, a seasoned BASE jumper, and wingsuit flyer has broken almost every bone in his body doing this, then I'd probably splat on the first mountain on my first attempt.  No thanks."

How about you?  What do you think of this?  Crazy?  Or is your definition of crazy the same as his?

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