How to win the Lottery

Sam's $25,000 Scratcher
I've recently discovered a guaranteed way to win at the scratchers!  Yes...GUARANTEED.  You read that right.  Here is an un-altered winning scratcher.  I haven't used Adobe Photoshop on the photo of the ticket or manipulated it in anyway shape or form other than to re-size it to fit on this post.

We know that you can spend a whole lot of money on scratchers and not get three of anything to match up.  But after following my very easy instructions you too will know the secret.  How is it that I can share this tip?  Well, I believe that everyone deserves to see a winning ticket.  Btw, you don't even have to give me a single cent although tips are always welcome.  Leave me a comment and I'll share this very simple way that you can get three matching $25,000 items to appear after you scratch off that silver looking stuff.

I'll show you how to hold the ticket, how to scratch it, what coin to use and even how quickly you must remove the metal stuff.  Make sure you have your friends around when you do it so you can all share in the experience.  

I don't know how long this post will be allowed to appear here before someone tells me that it's not fair or to take it down.  So...hurry up and leave a comment!

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