Married with a Facebook Account

Do you have a Facebook account?  The interesting thing about having an account is what to do when you get married if both of you already have an account.  Should you get a joint account and keep your individual one?

If neither of you have an account when you get married and then decide that you'd like to have a presence what do you do?  Some will create a joint account with a cheesy photo of them both in the profile picture to show, "Hey, this is our account."  Or maybe a neutral photo of the kids or dog.

It could get awkward when the mutual account has only friends from one spouse or the other.  And...did they get one account because one spouse wants to keep track of the other with everything being in the open.  On the extreme, the husband will usually open an account and not let the wife have one.  There is usually a huge problem in that case.

Creating individual accounts seems to be the more popular idea.  There is usually a higher level of trust and why shouldn't there be?  The issue that may come up is, "Hey dear...who is he?  How do you know her? Do they know you got married?"  Should the ladies put their maiden name to let others find them easily and don't know their new married name?

Some decide they aren't playing the game and all the issues that come up and don't even get one.  How about you?  What's your thought?

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