Dining Out

When you go out to eat with your significant other do you sit next to them or across facing them?  This has been one of my unofficial observation items that I do when I'm out.

At first I tried to determine if it was the new couples that sat next to each other and then they shifted to sitting across as the relationship lasted longer.  The jury is still out so keep reading to find out if I have some concrete evidence years from now.  But back to today...

We were out today for lunch and I spotted this couple and initially they were sitting across from each other.  I heard them say that they liked to "see each others face," when I mentioned my question.   I'm okay with that it seems logical and it doesn't bother me in any way.

I sit next to my significant other but sometimes the waiter puts the menus or plates across and we get that weird look, like "hey there's a plate set up.  Now I have to readjust."  No biggie.  One of my friends said, "just wait.  You'll be sitting across from each other eventually and you won't even hardly talk while eating."  

This couple switched sides and sat next to each other so I could take the picture and then moved back...But later on moved back next to each other.  Maybe I got them thinking huh?  Do you see her smiling?  I think she and her man were thinking, "Uh, how did we let some random stranger take our picture at lunch for his blog?"

Well?  Do you sit next to, or across from each other?

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Anonymous said...

across, your able to make eye contact easier, and it makes it easier on a waiter if there was one.