My Starbucks Rewards

If you frequent Starbucks then you've probably heard of the Starbucks Gold Card.  The premier rewards card from Starbucks.   In order to get one, you need to buy 30 drinks.  Oh, wait.  It's 30 visits!   So if you decide to order a round for your entire office that counts as one (1).  Yes, one! But then again, you might get looks if you did 30 different transactions from the long line waiting to order.

After you use your card 30 times, you get a FREE drink!  Let's add that up.  In my example, I being like everyone else would order the same thing each visit - a venti caramel frappuccino at a whopping $4.85.  that's $4.85 x 30 = $145.50.  Woohoo, you get a coupon for a FREE drink :)  Again let's do the math.  You get $150.35 of drinks (31) for the price of only $145.50.  That's a whopping savings of...drum roll please:  3.2%.  Any savings is a good savings right?

But then you qualify for the buy 15 and then get a FREE drink coupon.   You're really special now because you get a little over a 6% discount overall for your sixteen drinks.  So make sure you add everything that you can on your free drink :)

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