America's Army 2.8/Battle Field 2142

I played BF2142, a game that my daughter bought as my Christmas gift. It was the first time that I played it on-line, I usually get used to the controls in single play but I still got my booty kicked. It takes me a little bit but then you better be careful! :) The only thing that I didn't like was that my keys kept getting reset to defaults instead of my preferred set.

But back to my current favorite on-line game - Americas Army. I finally got my level "91 honor." I hadn't played in a while, and decided that I would try to get it since I only need a "few" points. Well, three hours later, I finally had it. It was surprising because I also got my best 7 round performance - 21 kills, only 4 deaths.

OK, enough of the games. Back to studying my computer stuff :)

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