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Today, out of the blue, I get asked, "Do you know any SQL DBAs?" I responded, "Yes - ME!" And then I am offered an opportunity to start as an SQL DBA. My skill set coincides with the job position and I ask for more details. I'm going to pursue this, which leads to how I have gotten my other jobs.

I've only worked for two companies: The US Government, and a national retail software/hardware chain; in the traditional sense. I worked at Dept or Defense as a civil servant at age 17, programming my little fingers off for a meager wage. But I loved it. At the retail level, I was good at customer service and quickly rose to managing my own location and was one of the managers that had taken on some district manager duties.

The opportunity for the first job was given to me as a result of my computer work in high school. My instructor submitted my name for a national fellowship with the government and I interviewed in my blue plaid shirt and navy blue cord pants, and my black shoes. I was nervous because everyone seemed "very mature" age-wise. I got the job and felt completely out of place.

The second job was spotted by my girlfriend at the time as she drove to her bank. I applied and someone else got it. But a month later, the salesperson saw me and directed me to the manager and I started on Monday.

And then the return as a contractor to the government. I started my own company, and was contracted to provide custom programming. It was about to all end, when Sept 11, 2001 occurred. Then I was offered another position dealing with handheld programming.

So, today I'm excited and yet a little anxious about this new position. I best get started on that resume! It's interesting how things work in life. I don't know if I'll get this job but it just made me think of how fortunate I'm been being in the right places at the right times. Even if I didn't know it at the time.

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