My Visit to the Blood Bank

I got my reminder call again and that means they must really need blood! I got there a little early and actually found a spot in the compound and didn't have to go beg for a parking token :) The receptionist checks me in and asks if I have someone in mind for my blood - "Anyone that needs it." My usual answer.

This time they didn't ask as many questions on the form and I was soon shuffled into a 'private' room. I had my vitals taken as usual but this time I didn't really notice the jab into the finger to test my iron. My fingers were cold and the lady asked if I had low iron. "Nope. I don't seem to have that problem."

The little meter showed that I had 18.0 - hmmmm; way out of my range. 120/81 for the blood pressure, 98.2 temp, and 62 heart rate. They now check your cholesterol level and you can see the results of all the tests on-line. Something new that they've added since my last visit, or I wonder if they had it but I didn't ask.

Finding a vein is the hardest part of the procedure for me. Sometimes they search around for a bit before one decides to show itself. A couple of years ago, I got jabbed several times and it just wasn't meant to be and they ended the procedure half way through. This time the lady found a good spot and I didn't see the error, "NO FLOW" on the computer at all as I have in ALL previous donations. But I did hear the ALARM on the computer go off - "AIR IN TUBE!" Beep, Beep, Beep. I turn and look at the computer and the lady is furiously pushing buttons and pulling things. The alarm shuts off. Yes, I was concerned.

There is a part in the procedure where the saline is sent back into your body and it feels cold and a little odd. My face kind of tingled. It does this twice. The second time means you're finished. First time that I didn't get the option of getting the "Blue" tape, just the regular beige.

I was ordered to the cantina for 15 minutes. There is always a T-Shirt and this time it was a Charger "powder" blue with the athletic number on it, emblazoned with "AFC West Champions" on it. Looks cool. I picked up my two cups of OJ and the nutter butters. Memories of my mom getting them for me as a treat immediately popped in. :) I never stay long in the cantina and make my appointment for next time.

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