Give Me Five Hot Sauces

We were out to lunch at a local taco shop and we were discussing customer service and what we expected from a little shop. Just as we finished talking about it; as seems the case with many things I talk about, the following scene occurred...

A lady orders a carne asada burrito and waits patiently and finally has her number called to get her "to go" order. The guy at the counter asks if she would like hot sauce and she says, 'Yes, give me five hot sauces." The guy then says that he has to charge her for the extra three. "Oh? since when? I've been coming here for a long time and they have never said that." He points to the little sign that states the price for a batch of three.

The lady gets upset and says that if she can't have her sauce then she won't be taking the burrito. He promptly refunds her money and tells her to have a nice day. She walks out and that's that.

The interesting part is that if you eat there they give you a bottle of sauce and no additional charge is requested. How would you have handled that situation?

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