Softball Drafts Finished

This year Heather didn't want to pitch but concentrate on just being a catcher. She also will be playing Volleyball so let's see how things turn out. The draft is always an exciting time for the players because they don't know who will be on their team.

Each team is given a good pitcher, catcher, and some all-stars, and then the rest of the roster is filled at random from the remaining players. Since this is recreational softball at the moment, there are even players that have never played before being placed on the team. They try to balance the teams but somewhere there is always a team that seems - "stacked."

I called Heather after the draft and let her know who was on her team and she seemed more excited this year and I recall from previous years. This year their team color isn't orange - woohoo - It's red!

Well, I hope this season will be a blast...Are you ready for some softball?

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