Results Not Typical

Everytime I see those commercials that say, "Results Not Typical," I get a weird look on my face. It upsets me that it's legal to advertise something that is not typical when the population follows the program. In this case, I'm referring to weight loss claims. I'd like to see a law that states that commercials would have to show in the same size font that "Average weight loss on this program by participants was: 4 pounds after 8 weeks."

If you've also seen those ads that say, "I lost 60 pounds using XXXX! You can too!" And in tiny, tiny print you see, "Low calorie, extensive exercise program followed six times per week." Uh, well I could lose weight on the M&M diet if I followed that low calorie and extensive program, too!

They also need to ban those ads that have people that had perfect bodies and gained thirty pounds just so they could then say they "lost" weight using this or that program. Ok. I'll shutup now!

Should I have been a consumer adovate instead of a Computer Specialist?

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